Your Elected Representatives

The City of Albany has twelve (12) councillors elected from six (6) wards and a popularly elected Mayor, who are elected by the community for four year terms. Councillor elections take place every two years and the Mayoral election every four.

While Councillors represent their wards, together with the Mayor and City staff, they have a responsibility to the whole of the City of Albany. Council make decisions about strategy, policy and budget priorities.

Contacting Councillors using email or phone

Please note that if your email is a customer service request, for example: fix a pot hole or tree pruning, please submit your request using the City's Report It form or telephone the Customer Service Team on 6820 3000, to ensure your request is dealt with in the most efficient manner.

Our Councillors

Dennis Wellington
0438 412 077
Greg Stocks
Deputy Mayor, Frederickstown Ward
0408 936 445
Ray Hammond
Councillor, Breaksea Ward
0419 900 218
, Frederickstown Ward
Tracy Sleeman
Councillor, Vancouver Ward
0488 060 088
Sandie Smith
Councillor, West Ward
0428 422 669
John Shanhun
Councillor, Vancouver Ward
0458 918 474
Paul Terry
Councillor, Breaksea Ward
0438 944 676
Matt Benson-Lidholm JP
Councillor, Kalgan Ward
0427 988 085
Chris Thomson
Councillor, Yakamia Ward
0467 710 180