Completed Projects

Alison Hartman Gardens

Alison Hartman Gardens was an important but underutilised community space in the heart of Albany’s city centre. The gardens contain considerable cultural and historical value, located on York Street between the historic education site and  student accommodation development with connections to the Visitor Centre and Public Library.

The enhancement of the gardens play a vital role in creating a vibrant social hub, a welcoming atmosphere that will appeal to all ages, a place for visitors to unwind and connect, and an improved space for families and community events.

Community Update Alison Hartman Gardens February 2019

Field of Light: Avenue of Honour

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Ellen Cove Swimming Enclosure

The Ellen Cove Swimming Enclosure project has been funded by a $200,000.00 State Government grant along with Council setting aside $30,000.00 a year for maintenance over the enclosure's three year trial period.

The enclosure is an Aquarius Barrier and is exciting new shark exclusion technology designed to protect swimmers without affecting other marine life or the environment.

The Swimming Enclosure trial aligns with the aims of a new Tourism Australia campaign to highlight and enhance aquatic and coastal visitor experiences.

Ellen Cove Swimming Enclosure

Middleton Beach Swimming Enclosure Information Sheet