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Public Registers

The Local Government Act 1995 requires the City of Albany Gift Register and Contributions to Travel Register be published on the City's website.

Delegations & Authorisations Register

List of powers delegated by the Council to the Chief Executive Officer.

Delegations & Authorisations Register

Elected Member Complaints Register

View the Register of Elected Member Complaints as required under section 5.121 of the Local Government Act 1995.

Register of Complaints Resulting in Action

Elected Member Attendance, Meeting Fees & Allowances

Ordinary meetings of Council are held from February to December.

Register of fees & allowance paid to elected members

Elected Member Training Register

View the Elected Member Training Register. 

Register of Elected Member Mandatory Training

Electoral Gift Register

View the Electoral Gifts Register for Local Government election candidates.

Register of Electoral Gifts

Gift Register

The Gifts Registers contain those disclosures of gifts that have been made by Elected Members, the Chief Executive Officer and Employees in their official capacity.

Register of Gifts (includes travel & hospitality)

Interest Declaration Register

View the Register of Financial, Proximity and Impartiality Interests disclosed by Elected Members and Staff at Council and Committee meetings.

Register of Disclosures (Financial, Proximity, & Impartiality Interests)

Primary & Annual Returns Register

View the Register of Primary and Annual Returns lodged by Elected Member and Staff.

Register of Annual & Primary Returns

Tender Register

View the current Council approved tenders, including number of submissions received, successful tenderer and tender value.

Register of Tenders 2021

Register of Tenders 2022