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Draft Local Planning Scheme No.2

The draft Local Planning Scheme No.2 (LPS2) has been prepared to replace the current City of Albany Local Planning Scheme No.1. LPS2 was advertised for public comment where submissions closed on 23 December 2022.

Submissions are currently being considered and a report is being prepared for the Ordinary Council Meeting on 28 February 2023.

What is changing for my property?

Find out what changes are proposed under draft LPS2 and how these might effect your property through the following:

Access the online mapping tool

Use the City's online mapping tool to compare changes between draft LPS2 and current LPS1 for land use zones and reserves. 

Online mapping tool

Click here for instructions on how to use the mapping tool

Check the FAQ sheet

A FAQ sheet has been prepared outlining information on key changes under draft LPS2 and the process for preparing a new local planning scheme.

 LPS2 FAQ Sheet 

LPS2 Pamphlet

Download copies of LPS2 Scheme Text and Maps

LPS2 Scheme Text 

LPS2 Scheme Maps

Download corresponding documentation in relation to Local Planning Scheme No.2 

Local Planning Strategy 2019 Part 1

Local Planning Strategy 2019 Part 2

 Local Planning Scheme No.1

Planning and Development (Local Planning Scheme Regulations) 2015

Hard copies of draft LPS2 Scheme Text and Maps are also available for public inspection during business hours from:

City of Albany administration office - 102 North Road, Yakamia

City of Albany Library - 221 York Street, Albany

Key matters to check

Once you have determined the zoning of your property under LPS2, some key matters to check in the draft LPS2 Scheme Text would be:

  • What land uses can be considered for your property as shown in the Zoning Table (designated as P, D or A) and what can't (designated as X)
  • Zoning - some zones have additional requirements, limitations or restrictions relating to different types of development or works
  • Additional requirements or considerations that may be applicable for:
    • Land uses 
    • Development or works 
    • Specific sites or areas  

We're here to help

City of Albany Planning Services team are available to explain the scheme and answer questions - contact the City by calling 6820 3050 or by email [email protected].

Process to prepare a new local planning scheme

Local governments are responsible for ensuring appropriate planning controls exist for land use and development within the municipality and prepared in accordance with the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015.

Draft LPS2 seeks to ensure that appropriate planning controls exist for land use and development within the municipality of Albany, in accordance with the Local Planning Strategy 2019 and state planning framework, including the Planning Regulations and relevant state planning policies.

The preparation of a local planning scheme is completed in stages, with advertising of the draft scheme to community and stakeholders an important part of the process.

The flowchart below outlines the stages of the process: