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Strategic Community Plan 2032

The City of Albany undertake a four year major review and two year minor review of the Strategic Community Plan 2032 that communicates the community's vision for the coming ten years and guides principal community projects.

2021 has involved a four year major review of the Strategic Community Plan where the City have completed extensive community engagement, consultation and surveys to understand the priorities of residents and align the City's goals for the next ten years with these valuable priorities. 

The Strategic Community Plan 2032 was endorsed at the August 2021 Ordinary Meeting of Council and is a key driver for the annually updated Corporate Business Plan, which outlines the actions required to achieve the community's outcomes.

The Community Scorecard was a key factor in the major review and was completed by over 1,400 residents via a specific sample survey sent to residents and the same survey promoted through various communication channels as an opt in for all residents. 

Results were overwhelming with the City gaining an overall performance of 75/100 and ranking the highest among participating regional local governments.

The City also ranked equal second among all 43 participating local governments in the state.

Thanks to you, our community for your time, feedback and honesty in completing this survey.

Highest scores include:

  • Place to live
  • Place to visit
  • Library services 
  • Recognition and respect for Aboriginal cultures and heritages 
  • Public health and wellbeing programs and education
  • Tourism attractions and marketing
  • Community buildings and halls 
  • Public toilets

You can download the full results of the City of Albany Community Scorecard here