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Planning Policies

Policies and Guidelines are put into place to guide development of individual sites within the City of Albany and to provide the community with a clear understanding of what the Council aims to achieve on individual development sites. The policies are prepared for the benefit of property owners, developers and the Council, to ensure a consistent approach is taken and to maintain a high quality of development within the City.

Local Planning Policies and Guidelines are an essential supplement to the City’s Local Planning Scheme 1 and they are brought into effect by the provisions of the Scheme.

Please check to see if your proposed development is affected by any of these policies to ensure you are aware of any provisions that may apply. Our staff will be happy to help you with an enquiry.

General Development

Planning: Non-Habitable Structures Policy

Planning: Signs Policy

Planning: Bed and Breakfast Accommodation Policy

Container Deposit Scheme Policy

Planning: Significant Tourist Accommodation Sites Policy

Planning: Temporary Accommodation Policy

Planning: Heritage Protection Policy

Planning: Public Parkland Policy

Planning: Domestic Wind Turbines Policy

Planning: Holiday Accommodation Policy

Planning: Residential Building Policy

Planning: LPP 1.9 Waste Management Policy.

Planning: LPP 2.1 – Non-Residential Development in the Residential Zone

Residential Development

Planning: Variations to the Residential Design Codes Policy

Planning: Relocated Dwellings Policy

Planning: Development Approval Exemption Policy

Commercial and Industrial Development

Planning: LPP 1.10 - Percent for Art

Planning: Building Facades in Industrial Zones Policy

General Agriculture, Priority Agriculture and Environment

Planning: Workers Accommodation (Seasonal) Policy

Planning: Extractive Industries and Mining Policy

Extractive Industry Flow Chart

Planning: Development in Flood Prone Areas Policy

Planning: Agriculture Protection and Subdivision Policy

LPP3.1 - Caravan Park and Tourist Development Uses in the Rural or Priority Agriculture

Special Development Control Areas (Residential)

Planning: Residential Development on Steep Sites Policy

Planning: Albany Historic Town Design Policy

Planning: Detailed Area Plans Policy

Planning: Sloping Land Policy

Planning: Reflective Roofs-Goode Beach Policy

Planning: The Outlook Estate Bayonet Head Policy

Planning: Masonic Hall Design Guidelines Policy

Planning: Thomas Street Design Guidelines Policy

Planning: Melville Drive View Corridor Policy

Planning: Woodrise Estate Design Guidelines Policy

Planning: Lot 100 Grey Street East Policy

Planning: Pines Estate Setbacks Policy

Planning: Frenchman Bay Road Residential Development Area Policy

Planning: Lake Seppings Drive/Loftie & Wright Street Policy

Planning: Modification to Subdivision Guide Plans Policy

Planning: Catalina - Outline Development Plan Policy

Planning: Kalgan Rural Village Structure Plan Policy (Extract)

Planning: Interim Outline Development Plan - Bayonet Head Policy

Planning: Brooks Garden - Outline Development Plan Policy

Planning: Outline Development Plan - Morgan Place Policy

Planning: Conceptual District Structure Plan Policy

Planning: Middleton Beach Design Guidelines Policy

Special Development Control Areas (Non Residential)

Planning: Barker Road Industrial Area Policy

Planning: Richard Street Light Industrial Area Policy

Planning: Down Road Timber Processing Precinct Policy

Planning: Albany Town Centre Policy

Planning: Albany Waterfront Policy

Planning: Centennial Park Redevelopment Area Policy

Planning: Neighbourhood Centres Policy

Planning: Middleton Beach Tourist Precinct Policy

Planning: Woolstores Redevelopment Site Policy

Planning: Emu Point and Big Grove Village Centres Policy

Planning: Frenchman Bay Tourist Development Site Policy

Planning: Cheyne Beach Policy


Information Sheets

Health: Asbestos and asbestos containing material (ACM) removal & disposal procedure information sheet
Retaining Walls information sheet
Home-Based Business information sheet
Ancillary Dwellings