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Verge and Street Trees

Whose responsibility is the verge?

The maintenance of lawns and gardens on verges is the responsibility of the adjoining landowner. Residents are encouraged to maintain the verge adjacent to their property.

The City of Albany mows the verges adjacent to City managed land and some corners of busy intersections to maintain safe sightlines. The City is responsible for the maintenance of street trees and undertakes regular kerb side and path spraying.

Requests for mowing verge areas outside of the City's responsibility is not supported unless the City considers it a safety matter, or of greater benefit to the community.

If you would like to improve your verge, please make sure you review the Verge Development Guidelines Here 

Rural Road Verge Maintenance

City of Albany has over 1800 kilometres of rural road verges. These are maintained on a schedule with the higher use roads and transport routes taking priority. With the vast area to cover we are unable to get to every road every year. Currently the schedule is on a three to five year cycle.

Download our handy Verge Vegetation guide Here

Street Trees

The City of Albany recognises that trees play an integral role in the aesthetic and tree environmental aspects of streetscapes within the City

However, in some cases, the retention of all trees might not be feasible, reasonable or desirable.

These guidelines have been formulated to ensure that the City of Albany manages and maintains street trees in accordance to best practices and to allow for their protection and preservation, whilst ensuring the public safety is not compromised.

Due to the hazardous nature and liability concerns of tree felling, residents / occupants are not permitted to remove street trees themselves.

Street Tree Removal

The City retains sole authority over any street tree removal and makes the final decision as to whether a tree is removed.

These are some possible reasons for tree removal:

  • The tree has been assessed by a qualified City Officer / Contractor as being diseased and beyond repair or dead.
  • The tree has been irreparably damaged by a storm event.
  • The tree is considered hazardous to motorists / pedestrians.
  • The tree is affected by road widening requirements, location of services or other necessary infrastructure.
  • The tree is in dangerous contact with overhead power lines
  • The tree impinges on the development potential of abutting properties with no reasonable design alternatives.
  • To allow for the construction of an essential City of Albany approved crossover

These are NOT reasons for tree removal:

  • The tree obscures or potentially obscures views (other than minimum safety sight lines for pedestrians or vehicles).
  • The tree species is disliked.
  • The tree species causes nuisance by way of leaf, fruit, bark shedding etc.
  • The tree blocks a non-essential crossover or road verge treatment.
  • The tree shades private property.
  • Any pruning that is contrary to AS 4373-2007 ‘Pruning of Amenity Trees’.

Pruning of street trees

From time to time pruning of street trees may be necessary to remove diseased dead or dangerous branches. Trees will not be pruned, lopped or disturbed to improve views or to reduce shading onto private property.  If you notice a dangerous tree that requires pruning please contact the City of Albany on 6820 3000 or ‘Report It’ via the app to report the issue.

If it appears that the tree is interfering with a power line, please call Western Power on 13 10 87.