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Albany 2026 Bicentenary 

In 2026 Albany will host Western Australia’s first Bicentenary.

Albany was the first place where Aboriginal and British people commenced living together on the western side of Australia. Albany became the gateway for the economic and social development of the land that would become known as Western Australia.

The Bicentenary is an opportunity to tell the story of this place. From the ancient Menang Noongar history to the arrival of other cultures, Albany’s strategic importance as the site of the first port in WA, the city’s connection to the Anzac story and other moments through time have developed the thriving multicultural community of today.

From March to October 2022, the Bicentenary Project Team engaged with the community using multiple methods and tools to envision possibilities, develop ideas, and contribute to the early planning phases of this significant opportunity for Albany.

More than 1,000 ideas were generated. Opportunities identified included small-scale local events and commemorative items, through to legacy focused
initiatives and significant events that will attract national and international audiences. Albany and Western Australia will be on show as a place that recognises and acknowledges its deep Menang Noongar history, celebrates all cultures and pursues unity.

Our community-developed vision for this Bicentenary is to:

Showcase Albany by reflecting honestly on our past, celebrating our community today and creating a future where anything is possible.

While the vision informs the overall goal of what the Bicentenary will be, the mission statement below provides more guidance on how the City will achieve its vision.

  • Advance Albany as a nationally significant regional cultural centre by showcasing and involving its diverse and unique people, Aboriginal culture, environment and produce, to recognise our shared past and look forward to our future.
  • The events, programs and products will support tourism and provide significant social and economic development and benefits to the Albany community.
  • This will be done through the Albany Approach: Menang First, co-designed and co-decided with the Albany community.

The Bicentenary Strategic Plan has been prepared by Element Advisory (element) in collaboration with the City of Albany and acts as a blueprint for decision-making and guidance in the lead up to the 2026 Bicentenary.

The Plan is intended as a guide only with built-in flexibility for the City to adapt where necessary as more updated and relevant information comes to light over the upcoming three years of planning.

The Bicentenary Strategic Plan can be found here