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Councillor Mario Lionetti

Mario Lionetti, born and raised in Albany, has dedicated his entire professional life to the region. Committed to improving Albany for current and future generations, Mario, as a business and landowner, envisions various ways through which the City of Albany can contribute to the community's growth and development.

Recognising the importance of addressing fundamental issues such as road conditions, business challenges, and the accommodation shortage, Mario, now serving as a Councillor, strives to pave the way for progress. He emphasises the need for transparency, accountability, and community accessibility within the City of Albany.

In his role as a Councilor, Mario is unwavering in his commitment to prioritise spending for the greater community benefit and streamline the planning and consent processes. Acknowledging that he doesn't have all the answers, Mario welcomes questions and comments from the community. With a fervent belief in a brighter future for Albany, he seeks to actively contribute with the community's support.

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