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Mayor Greg Stocks

Greg Stocks was first elected to the City of Albany Council in 2011 as a Frederickstown Ward Elected Member.

He was appointed Deputy Mayor in 2013, a position which he held until 2021 when he stepped down from the deputy Mayor role.

In 2023, Greg Stocks was elected as the Mayor of Albany by the local community, a position for which he possesses the required experience, passion, and dedication. His collaborative leadership style, coupled with 12 years of extensive knowledge of the City of Albany Council, and his earnest desire to witness the growth of Albany, will establish a robust foundation for both the City and community.

Having moved to Albany during his childhood, Greg quickly made Albany home attending Albany Senior High School and later returning to teach at the school for 17 years. It was after this time that he became chairman of the board for the transition to an independent public school.

Greg Stocks was an accomplished sportsman having successfully played hockey and cricket at a local level and football that became his passion which he pursued at a higher level. Greg went on to captain the Claremont colts team and play alongside future members of the inaugural West Coast Eagles.

His passion for assisting disadvantaged students to succeed at school led Greg to a role within the Department of Education to develop a workplace skills and learning curriculum. His framework for structured workplace learning in WA went Australia-wide and has since helped many students succeed.

Greg went on to start up the business Skill Hire in partnership with two other business men and grew the company to 18 offices across two States and one Territory.

As Mayor, Greg Stocks' wealth of experience and passion for Albany's growth promises a future characterised by resilience, progress, and collective prosperity.


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