Four Wheel Drive Vehicles & Motor Bikes

Vehicles are not allowed on City of Albany managed reserves, parks or beaches unless indicated via signage at each location or a valid permit is held.

Only fully road registered vehicles, such as licensed four wheel drives (4WD's) and motorbikes can be used in reserves approved for this level of driving.

  • These vehicles must be operated by a person holding the appropriate license to operate the vehicle.
  • License plates must be affixed and visible at all times.
  • Vehicles must not become detrimental to flora or fauna whilst on these approved locations.

Off-road vehicles such as unlicensed motor bikes, quad bikes and beach buggies can only be driven or ridden on private property with the consent of the property owner.

Off-road vehicles are NOT PERMITTED in any reserve, park or beach under the care and control of the City of Albany.

Off-road driving is undertaken at the risk of the vehicle owner and/or operator. The City is not able to assist in the recovery or repairs of bogged or damaged vehicles.