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Walk & Ride | Active Transport

Albany has an extensive network of cycling and walking infrastructure including footpaths, shared paths, on-road cycling lanes and end-of-trip facilities such as bike racks.

Safety and respect for all road users 

The City of Albany strongly encourages a culture of mutual respect between all road users, to help keep our community safe.


  • Cyclists of all ages may ride on footpaths (unless otherwise signed).
  • Cyclists can ride on roads, including two abreast with up to 1.5m between riders.
  • When the speed limit is 60km/hr or under, drivers must leave a gap of at least 1m when passing a bicycle rider.
  • Drives must give way to cyclists at driveways.

Click here for our Share the Road resources, and here for more road safety information.

Planning your trip

In partnership with the Department of Transport, we have recently updated our Your Move Map. Using this map will help residents and visitors to plan trips by bike, on foot, or on the bus around the city. Click here to download the map.

Cover image - Your Move map

You can also check out our 10 Great Walks and 10 Great Rides maps here, for some weekend activity inspiration!


Active School Transport

The City has worked closely with local schools to encourage students to walk, cycle or catch the bus to school

  • Wondering about which school bus routes would work for you? Click here for our handy School Buses Made Simple map.
  • The Department of Transport’s Your Move program provides a range of excellent resources to help schools increase active transport rates with their students. For more information, click here.
  • If you live too far from school to walk or ride the whole way you should consider driving park of the way and walking or riding the rest of the way to school. Check out our Park and Ride/Walk maps below for some practical tips for 5 of our local schools. 

TravelSmart Ride to School Maps

Yakamia Primary School Ride to School Map

Mt Lockyer Primary School Ride to School Map

Flinders Park Primary Ride to School Map

Spencer Park Primary School Ride to School Map

Albany Primary School Ride to School Map

New Bike Racks

Schools TravelSmart Project

The City of Albany is currently implementing a two-year Schools TravelSmart Project, in partnership with Mount Lockyer Primary School. The goal of this project is to work closely with the school community to achieve sustainable change in the active transport culture in and around the school. During the first year of the project, a range of activities took place in the school to support active transport, including:

  • Participation in special event days including Ride 2 School Day and Walk Safely to School Day;
  • Working with
  •  a group of Year 5 students to form a Your Move student team, with the role of promoting active transport to the student group;
  • Using the school newsletter and social media to promote active transport to the broader school community;
  • Providing supporting resources to classroom teachers;
  • Upgrading bike and scooter racks through a Connecting Schools Grant. 

The early results of the project have been extremely positive, with an increase in active transport rates from 30% in Term 1 of 2019, to 35% in Term 4.

Active Transport for Schools