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Safety and respect for all road and path users

The City of Albany strongly encourages a culture of mutual respect between all road users, to help keep our community safe.


  • Cyclists of all ages may ride on footpaths (unless otherwise signed).
  • Cyclists can ride on roads, including two abreast with up to 1.5m between riders.
  • When the speed limit is 60km/hr or under, drivers must leave a gap of at least 1m when passing a bicycle rider.
  • Drivers must give way to cyclists at driveways.

The Road Safety Commission provides more details on safe cycling, sharing roads and paths, and related offences and penalties.

Road Safety Commission 
Information about safe cycling 

Cycling and walking network

The City of Albany manages a path network that is around 180km long, and is increasing every year. In the 2023/24 financial year we will see new paths constructed in:

  • Maley Place & Bardley Road (Spencer Park)
  • Brunswick Road to Apex Drive link (Mount Clarence)

Work is currently underway to develop a new City of Albany Bike Plan, which will address current and future cycling needs. More information on this project will be available by mid-2024. 

Report a hazard

Report It is a simple way to report hazards or faults on the cycling and walking network. You can specify the exact location and include photographs. 

Report It 

10 Great Walks and Rides

Our 10 Great Walks and Rides maps are an excellent starting point for some of Albany's most spectacular walks and rides for all ages.

10 Great Walks
10 Great Rides

Active Transport to School

The City works closely with local schools to encourage students to walk, cycle or catch the bus to school. We also work with partner agencies including Westcycle and the Department of Transport's Your Move program.

Useful links:
Department of Transport's Your Move program
Westcycle school programs

New Safe and Active Travel to School Guide

Road safety and active transport are two crucially important and strongly linked issues for school communities. The City of Albany has developed a Safe and Active Travel to School Guide, which is designed as a starting point for local schools to address these issues. Download your copy of the guide here, and get in touch if you would like any assistance to get started at your school. 

Safe and Active Travel to School: A guide for school communities

School specific resources:
Little Grove Primary School - Active Transport Access Guide 
Albany Primary School & Albany Senior High School - Park and Ride or Walk map
North Albany Senior High School & Albany Secondary Education Support Centre Active Transport Map
School bus information:
School Buses Made Simple guide
School bus services information

Contact information

Email: [email protected]