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City of Albany Climate Change Declaration

City of Albany are continuing to be a clean, green and sustainable city with the Council endorsing the City of Albany Climate Change Declaration at the October 2020 Ordinary Council Meeting.

The City have been leaders in sustainable climate conscious initiatives since 2014 when their Carbon Footprint Reduction Strategy was adopted to so that potential climate change impacts were mitigated.

And more recently in 2017 when the City developed and implemented an Environmental Policy that commits to taking action on climate change, recognising the evidence of existing climate science.

Albany Youth Advisory Council have driven the Climate Change Declaration presenting a petition to Council with one-thousand signatures advocating for the declaration to be created and adopted.

Through a number of workshops with both Albany Youth Advisory Council and the City the declaration was developed to acknowledge the existence of climate change and that it requires immediate action.

Council have committed to seven actions in the declaration including developing emission reduction targets, developing a climate change communications strategy and continued engagement with YAC.

Mayor of Albany Dennis Wellington said the declaration will play an important role in the Council’s response to the threat of climate change.

“It is no secret that climate change will have a significant impact on Albany’s environment, community and life of our local young people with a direct link to their health and wellbeing,” he said.

“The collaboration with the Albany Youth Advisory Council in the development of this Climate Change Action Declaration has been a rewarding and insightful process with the members of YAC displaying incredible passion and knowledge when it comes to the future of our natural environment.

“The Youth Advisory Council are our next generation of leaders in the Albany community, so listening to their genuine concerns, ideas and vison for our City’s future is crucial in ensuring they have a future to look forward to”.

A copy of the City of Albany Climate Change Declaration can be found here.