Four Wheel Drive Vehicles & Motor Bikes

Vehicles are not allowed on City of Albany reserves unless authorisation has been given.

The authorisation can be in the form of a sign as pictured:

Only fully road registered vehicles, such as licensed four wheel drives (4WD's) and motorbikes can be used in these designated reserves.

  • These vehicles must be operated by a person holding the appropriate license to operate the vehicle on a road.
  • License plates must be affixed and visible at all times.
  • Authorisation does not include any tracks, roads or areas that are signposted or gated to restrict vehicle access
  • Vehicles must be operated as to avoid being detrimental to flora or fauna.

Off-road vehicles such as unlicensed motor bikes, quad bikes and beach buggies can only be driven or ridden on private property with the consent of the property owner. These vehicles are NOT PERMITTED in any reserve under the care and control of the City of Albany.


Off-road driving is undertaken at the risk of the vehicle owner and/or operator. The City will not assist in the recovery or repairs of bogged or damaged vehicles. 

  Permits may be considered for ACROD holders that require access to additional locations.   


It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner and/or operator to ensure that any off-road activities are performed legally. Please ensure that you are aware of all the restrictions in the relevant area as penalties may apply.