Ephemera Exhibition by Casey Thornton

Past Event

Ephemera is an exhibition of works by Narrogin artist Casey Thornton. Drawing on the artist's interests in photorealism and oil painting, these meticulously detailed pieces explore the subtle beauty found in moments of quietude, stillness and reflection. The subjects of her introspective, sometimes ethereal, portraits are often captured in the momentary pause between actions. They reflect a sense of quietude, calm contemplation and fleeting respite from the anxieties of daily life.

Opening night:
6pm Friday 10th January at the Vancouver Arts Centre, Albany

Exhibition dates:
Wednesday 8 January - Saturday 1 February

Gallery Hours:
Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm and Saturday 10am - 3pm

Event Details

Venue: 85 Vancouver Street, Albany WA 6330


Organisation: Vancouver Arts Centre

Phone: 6820 3740

Email: arts@albany.wa.gov.au

Website: https://www.albany.wa.gov.au/

Event Date(s)

  • Wednesday 8th January 2020

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