Online Form - Graffiti Removal Pack Application Form

Application for a FREE graffiti removal kit.

These kits are only available for victims of graffiti who have reported the incident to the Goodbye Graffiti Website/Hotline, or to WA Police and have a copy of their report number. 

Instructions for the applicant before completing the form

Before proceeding with this application, please ensure you have on hand the incident report number you were provided when reporting the incident.

If you haven't reported the incident, please visit the Goodbye Graffiti Website or phone the Goodbye Graffiti Hotline on 1800 44 22 55.


I hereby acknowledge that the Graffiti removal kit which will be provided to me for the removal of graffiti from my personal property only and that using these kit may damage sensitive surfaces and that I should test this product on an inconspicuous spot before using the kit.

The City of Albany accepts no responsibility for any damage caused by using this product to buildings or surfaces.

I will read the Material Safety Data Sheet and will use the safety equipment provided with the kit for my own protection.

Do you agree with the waiver?