Local Government Responsibilities

Western Australia is subject to a wide variety of hazards that have the potential to cause loss of life and damage to infrastructure and the environment. Local government have an important part to play in planning for, responding to and assisting local communities to recover for an emergency event.

The City of Albany aims to:

  • have an active and well prepared community that is resilient to emergencies;
  • collaboratively liaise with the Local Emergency Management Committee to develop local emergency management plans; and
  • provide effective recovery services to our community if affected by disaster.

Local Emergency Management Committee

Local governments are required, under the Emergency Management Act 2005, to establish a Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC). This committee is responsible for preparing, maintaining and testing emergency management plans for the district that will assist in reducing the impact of emergencies on the local community.

The City of Albany LEMC’s membership includes representatives from agencies that play a role in emergency management in the Albany region. At quarterly meetings, the LEMC takes a coordinated strategic approach to identifying the risk posed by a number of natural and man-made hazards and plans prevention, preparedness, response and recovery activities.

The LEMC meets quarterly and conducts regular emergency exercises to test the efficiency of the emergency plans. The lessons learnt during these exercises can lead to improvements to plans and procedures.

Local Emergency Management Arrangements

The aim of the City of Albany Local Emergency Management Arrangements is to have in place a set of emergency management plans that aims to ensure a common understanding between agencies and stakeholders involved in managing emergencies. The plans facilitate a coordinated and consistent approach to managing emergencies.

Click on the links below to view a copy of the City of Albany Local Emergency Management Arrangements and Local Recovery Plan.

City of Albany Local Emergency Management Arrangements and Local Recovery Plan

City of Albany Strategic Bush Fire Plan 2014 - 2019.

Bush Fire Advisory Committee

The City of Albany Bush Fire Advisory Committee (BFAC) provides advice to the City of Albany on operational and administrative matters relating bush fire prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.

The BFAC membership includes elected Councillors, the Chief Bush Fire Control Officer, the Chair of the Bush Fire Advisory Group and representatives from the Department of Fire and Emergency Service, the Department of Biosecurity, Conservation & Attractions and key City of Albany staff.

Supporting Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades

The City of Albany provides support to 16 Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades with around 700 members, who respond to bush fires emergencies and assist residents in preparing and planning for bush fire prevention.

Volunteer bush fire brigades carry out a vital community service for the City of Albany. Brigades are always seeking new members and welcome people who are prepared to join, carry out training and assist in fire prevention, firefighting or incident support. It is a great way to make friends, get to know your community and make an important contribution. To join visit the Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades web page.