Adopted budget focuses on community recovery

Published on Wednesday, 29 July 2020 at 2:58:10 PM

Council adopted its 2020-2021 Budget at last night’s Ordinary Council Meeting, supporting $108.7 million going towards the continuation of major projects, facility and service delivery and supporting the community through Covid-19.

In March Council made the decision to have no rate rise in the 2020-2021 Budget as the first step in a recovery plan that includes financial relief to residents across the next 12 months.

As well as no rate rise, there is no increase to fees & charges, rent concessions were offered on City leased premises and those with a Pensioner, State Concession, Seniors or Commonwealth Seniors Heath Care Card registered to their property had their rates deferred.

Elected Members agreed to a 20% cut in wages whilst City staff also agreed to a 20% cut in hours for 6 months, supporting a financial solution to achieving a balanced budget.

The next financial year will include $37.2 million attributed to maintaining the delivery of key functions that encompasses $15.3 million for transport, $11.7 million for recreation and culture, $5.5 million for property and services, $3.5 million for community amenities, $410,000 for law, order and public safety and $629,000 for economic services.

The City have prioritised the completion of a number of major projects including $5.6 million on the Middleton Beach Coastal Enhancement Project, $2.9 million on the completion of the Town Hall refurbishment and $230,000 for installation of the Ellen Cove Swimming Enclosure.

Sixty-four projects make up the $7 million road infrastructure works within the budget including improvements to Sanford Road, Frenchman Bay Road, Palmdale Road and Drummond Street.

In addition to this local paths will receive $1.4 million in further development and $1.1 million will be allocated to upgrades of community infrastructure such as jetties, retaining walls and car parks.

Mayor of Albany Dennis Wellington said the budget supports local projects and ongoing capital works this financial year that focuses on local employment opportunities.

“We have worked to find ways to make sure this budget supports locals, keeps rates low, ensures that services and facilities are maintained and that important infrastructure developments are delivered.”

“We have adopted this budget at a time where we are coming out of a global crisis with our sights firmly set on recovery and making sure our books are balanced as we set Albany up for a successful 12 months.

“It is an exciting time to be an Albany resident with projects across the City positioning us to be more sustainable, dynamic and future driven as we work to revive the Albany economy.”


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