City joins nationwide climate alliance

Published on Thursday, 10 September 2020 at 10:00:00 AM

The City of Albany has joined 134 councils taking part in the nationwide Cities Power Partnership Program, which will support the City’s aspiration to become a clean, green and sustainable city.

The Cities Power Partnership Program is Australia’s largest local government climate alliance and focuses on transforming Australia’s energy future by supporting the switch to renewable, clean energy.

The collaboration will connect the City with local and international experts, providing a valuable resource in helping the City achieve its goal to become 100% corporate renewable energy efficient by 2026.

Mayor of Albany Dennis Wellington said the partnership will help the City lead by example in environmental sustainability and will bring lasting community benefits.

“We are future focused and getting smarter about how we use and create energy across the City so that our community can reap the benefits of prosperity for years to come,” Mayor Wellington said.

“Joining the City Power Partnership Program is an obvious project for us as it allows us to practice what we preach, walk the walk and lead from the front when it comes to reducing our environmental impact.

“Albany are local leaders in sustainability with a climate, coastline, parks and reserves that our community are passionate about preserving for future generations.”

Cities Power Partnership Director David Craven welcomed the City of Albany to the partnership and commended the council for taking positive action on climate change.

“I would like to congratulate the City of Albany on joining the local climate leaders in the Cities Power Partnership, who are shaping the way that Australian communities use and generate energy,” Mr Craven said.

“Since the program’s inception, Cities Power Partnership councils have launched over 525 climate projects and I’m looking forward to seeing what the City of Albany will bring to the Cities Power Partnership.”

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