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Solar at Albany Leisure and Aquatic Centre

What is the City doing to reduce emissions?

The City of Albany Corporate Power Plan guides the transition of City-owned and managed buildings to 100% renewable energy by 2030.

Actions include:

  • Power Purchase Agreement with 100% renewable power for contestable sites
  • Implementing rooftop solar on 11 City owned and operated buildings
  • Albany Leisure and Aquatic Centre Biofuel System
  • Cities Power Partnership member
  • Participation in the Regional Climate Alliance Program as a South Coast Alliance member
  • Building audits to identify energy efficiency opportunities
  • Investigation of LED street lighting

To learn more, read the City of Albany Corporate Power Plan 2023 - 2028

How the City can help you reduce emissions at home, work or school

Do It Yourself Home Energy Audit Kit

Available to borrow from the Albany Public Library, this kit will help you understand your home energy usage better. By comparing your current practices with energy efficient ways, you will be able to identify steps you can take to reduce your home energy usage.

The kit contains an instruction guide, survey, worksheet, Power-mate unit and user manual, Energy Smart thermometer, digital sport timer and Energy Smart 'Orient your home' pamphlet.

You can reserve a kit through the Albany Public Library website here: Home Energy Audit Kit

Climate Clever 

Free Climate Clever subscriptions are available for City of Albany residents, businesses and schools. This platform will help you save money and emissions.

Climate Clever allows users to track their carbon footprint by recording their electricity, gas and water usage. By understanding your carbon footprint, Climate Clever can help reduce it.

Sign up at

Climate Clever analytics

Tips and resources to save energy at home

For advice on how to save energy and reduce your power bills, check out Synergy's Home energy saving tips

Understanding your Appliances:

  • Visit Energy Rating for information about the Energy Rating Label and comparing appliances.

Sustainability for Renters: