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Request a Street Tree

The City is dedicated to preserve, monitor and expand Albany’s urban tree population. Trees provide many benefits in our urban environment. They cool us down, provide habitat for wildlife and make our neighbourhoods look and feel better.

Street trees can now be requested for the 2024 planting season.

If you would like to request a street tree on the verge in front of your property, please fill in the online form Request a tree or contact the City of Albany on 6820 3000.

Request a Street Tree Form 

Trees will be planted and maintained by the City of Albany, and will be watered for the first two summers after planting, although residents are encouraged to provide additional watering during extreme heat.

What trees are available?

The City of Albany has a selection of species preferred for each suburb. Each suburb in Albany has a choice of four species for property owners to choose from. If you are unsure what species is suitable for your verge, you can tick the “No preference” option on the request form.

Request a Street Tree Information

To find out more about the species available download our request a street tree resource here. 

Street Tree Inventory

Click here to view all the urban street trees in Albany and their locations.

Street Tree Guidelines 

The City of Albany recognises that trees play an integral role in the aesthetic and tree environmental aspects of streetscapes within the City.

However, in some cases, the retention of all trees might not be feasible, reasonable or desirable.

Guidelines have been formulated to ensure that the City of Albany manages and maintains street trees in accordance to best practices and to allow for their protection and preservation, whilst ensuring the public safety is not compromised.

Due to the hazardous nature and liability concerns of tree felling, residents / occupants are not permitted to remove street trees themselves.

View the guidelines.