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Waste Information for New Residents

Welcome to your new home! Whether you are an owner or a renter, this is the place for some handy information to help you get your waste sorted.

Please note: this information is applicable to residents who receive a residential bin service. Rural residents should refer to the Rural Waste Services page. 

Information sheet
New Resident Waste Information

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In Albany, property owners purchase their kerbside bins and are required to keep them in good condition. 

To use the City's bin service, you'll need:

  • 1 x 240L yellow-lidded recycling bin
  • 1 x 240L lime green-lidded FOGO (Food Organics and Garden Organics) bin
  • 1 x 140L red-lidded general waste bin

Bins and spare parts are available to purchase from Plastics Plus on Albany Highway, or Cleanaway on Allerton Street *. 

For more information on bins and how to look after them, visit the Bin Collections page.

* If you are renting, please contact your property manager to ask about bins.

FOGO kitchen caddy and compostable liners

We recommend collecting your food scraps in a kitchen caddy before transferring them to your FOGO bin. If there is no caddy at your property, these can be purchased at a number of local retailers. A caddy with a 7-8L capacity works best with the compostable liners that the City provides. 

Only Certified Australian Standard compostable caddy liners can be used in FOGO. The City provides a free roll of 75 compostable liners for your kitchen caddy every six months. Liners can be collected from Fossicker's Tip Shop at the Hanrahan Road Waste Facility, 7 days a week. If buying your own liners, look for the AS4736 seedling logo to make sure they are compostable.  

For more information on all things FOGO, visit the Managing Your Waste page.

Bulky waste

Waste passes provided to residential property owners each year can be used to dispose of excess and bulky waste. Larger items that don't fit in your bin can be taken to Hanrahan Road Waste Facility, and excess garden prunings to Soil Solutions on John Street, Milpara *. Excess household recycling can be taken for free to Fossicker's Tip Shop at Hanrahan Road Waste Facility. 

The City provides a bulk hard waste collection every two years, and a bulk green waste collection every year. 

For more information on dropping off bulky waste, visit the Waste Facilities and Local Drop Off Points page
For more information on hard waste and green waste collections, visit the Bulk Waste Collections page

* If you are renting, please contact your property manager to ask about waste passes.

Check your bin day

The collection schedule is:

  • FOGO bin and general waste bin one week, and
  • Recycling bin the opposite week. 

From mid-December to mid-February the FOGO bin will be collected weekly.

To check your bin collection schedule:

  • Search your address on the Waste Collection Map on the Bin Collections page.
  • Download the Recycle Right app and set up bin day reminders in your calendar.
  • Use the City's Community Calendar, delivered to households or available here

Make sure your bins are out by 6am on your collection day - even if it's a public holiday your bin will still be collected. 

How to sort your waste

If you need some tips on what goes on each bin (and what doesn't go in any bin!), this is the place to start.

Visit the Managing Your Waste page
Download this How to sort your waste infographic
Download the Recycle Right app or visit their website for an A-Z guide to what goes where

Need more information?

If you have any further questions about your waste services, please get in touch:

City of Albany's Waste Team ph: 6820 3000 email: [email protected] 
Cleanaway's Waste Education Officer for bin collection queries and waste recycling tours, ph: 6801 7500