AHP volunteer clocks 30 years of service

Published: Monday, 18 May 2020 at 3:57:18 PM

As he takes his weekly post as a Visitor Information Officer this week, Albany Heritage Park volunteer Eric Corrigan will clock up an impressive 30 years on the frontline of Albany’s military history.

Eric first volunteered at Albany Heritage Park in 1990 where his three or four shifts a week soon evolved into a seven-day-a-week obsession as his love for the role grew exponentially.

Thirty years of service has allowed Eric to witness many changes at Albany Heritage Park, like the dirt track that is now the Convoy Walk and the old meet and greet sentry box which was removed in 1995.

Now at the age of 90, Eric recalls creating a scene in the Underground Magazine when unknown to his tour group he would release a sudden party popper at the perfect moment for a huge reaction.

“I would wait until it was completely silent and a little bit eerie then I’d pull the party popper,” he laughed.

“It was always the highlight of my tour and added an element of surprise which the visitors enjoyed afterwards, and of course we made sure there were no existing medical conditions!”

City of Albany Chief Executive Officer Andrew Sharpe said Eric’s dedication to the Albany Heritage Park could not be faulted.

“His knowledge of Australian military history means visitors that have been fortunate enough to tour the site with him are left with a deeper understanding of the site’s significance,” he said.

“Eric’s friendly demeanour and approachability has made him a go-to for training new volunteers, a source of captivating stories and a local treasure among our Albany community.”

Eric Corrigan’s 30-year volunteer service will be celebrated with small ceremony at the Princess Royal Fortress next week in compliance with the current WA Government’s COVID-19 restrictions.

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