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Artwork of generations at the Town Hall

Published on Thursday, 25 May 2023 at 9:17:47 AM

The artwork of three generations of Menang Noongar artists is currently on display at the Albany Town Hall in an exhibition titled Generations.

Local Menang First Nations artists Lynette Knapp, her daughter Shandell Cummings and her two granddaughters Jaymee and Jessikah Woods have collaborated to create the generational exhibit.

The exhibit will provide audiences with an insight into changes over time to interpretations of culture, shifts in society and the continuing importance placed on reconciliation.

Generations offers a captivating glimpse into the changing landscape of First Nations art, highlighting the artistic journeys of these talented Menang artists.

It is through their distinct interpretations that the exhibition reveals personal stories, cultural heritage and the profound influence of living in the Great Southern of Western Australia.

Mayor Dennis Wellington said the exhibition will be a fantastic addition to Albany’s acknowledgement of Reconciliation Week 2023.

“Having three generations of our local Menang artwork reflecting on remarkable social and cultural transformations over the years is a privilege,” he said.

“This innovative exhibition gives audiences a glimpse into the artistic practices that have been passed down through generations and exist as a platform for connections between the artists and the wider community.”

Artist Shandell Cummings said showcasing the artwork of her family young and old is humbling.

“As individuals and as a family our artwork is a testament to the strength and vitality of our Menang Noongar culture and serves as a reminder that our stories, traditions and contributions are invaluable,” she said.

Generations will be on display during Reconciliation Week 2023 which serves as an important reminder of the shared responsibility we hold in creating an inclusive community.”

Generations will be on display at the Albany Town Hall from 25 May – 21 June 2023.

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