City cracks down on illegal clearing

Published: Thursday, 11 July 2019 at 1:09:42 PM


The discovery of a number of illegally created trails on Mt Clarence has prompted the City of Albany to send a strong message to people carrying out illegal and destructive clearing in and around the Mounts precinct.

Several recently cleared trails have been closed and rehabilitated, signage installed and clearing tools discovered near the trails confiscated. The City has increased Ranger patrols to ensure everyone is behaving responsibly.

Walking and bike riding have long been popular recreational activities within the Mounts precinct, but an increasing level of multi recreational activities means shared use of current trails has reached capacity and is no longer sustainable  

This issue was addressed with the adoption of the City’s Albany Heritage Park Trails Concept Plan in 2016, which outlined a strategy to develop new trails to address community need and since this time the City has been working towards implementing a new and improved trail network.

City of Albany Manager City Reserves Jacqui Freeman said that with walkers, runners, dog walkers and riders all currently using the same trails, the Trails Concept Plan identified that the best way of improving the enjoyment and safety for all trail users was to implement some separate trails for walkers and bike riders especially where riders are travelling downhill. 

“Mountain Bike Trails proposed to be built will utilise current best practise standards as outlined in the Western Australian Mountain Bike Guidelines developed by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions and the Department of Sport and Recreation, which will assist us in addressing any environmental and safety issues as part of the process,” she said.

Walkers who enjoy taking their dog for a stroll along the trails are also reminded they have a responsibility to keep their dog leashed and under control at all times to ensure wildlife and the natural environment are protected and other trail users feel safe.

“A vast number of environmental surveys have already been completed in order to guide our trail development, and help protect our rare flora and historic cultural sites. As the trails network project progresses, it is imperative to ensure that all members of the community understand that illegal trail construction and clearing will not be tolerated,” Mrs Freeman said  

”We ask everyone who enjoys the trails on the Mounts to use them responsibly”.

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