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City grows street tree program

Published on Thursday, 7 December 2023 at 3:09:32 PM

The City of Albany proudly announces the continued success of its Request a Street Tree program, a community-driven initiative aimed at enhancing landscapes and promoting sustainability.

Open to residents in urban areas, the program allows individuals to request a free tree for planting on their verge, with the City taking responsibility for the trees initial planting and ongoing maintenance.

In 2023, the program experienced remarkable growth, with 252 trees planted on residents' verges—a substantial increase from the previous year's count of 112.

Spencer Park and Bayonet Head emerged as the top locales for tree requests during the year with local residents getting in early and requesting a leafy addition to their verge.

Residents were granted the opportunity to request multiple trees, with a maximum limit of three, provided their verge could adequately support the trees at maturity. This flexible approach to tree allocation will continue in 2024, fostering an even greater boost in street tree numbers.

Applications for the upcoming 2024 winter planting season are now being accepted, with the deadline set for 1 April 2024. A diverse selection of waterwise native trees and ornamental trees are available for residents to choose from.

City of Albany Manager Engineering and Sustainability Ruth March said success of the Street Tree program was due to the passion community have for a sustainable environment.

“These newly planted trees will create leafy streets, contributing to the overall liveability and resilience of urban areas in the face of a changing climate,” she said.

“The benefits extend beyond aesthetics, as trees provide shade, reduce heat and glare, and encourage walking and cycling.

“Additionally, the positive impact on mental and physical well-being, increased habitat for wildlife, and improved air quality highlight the multifaceted advantages of a greener urban environment.”

Interested individuals can easily submit their requests through the online form.

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