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Colour paints the walls of Albany Town Hall

Published on Thursday, 27 July 2023 at 10:31:06 AM

A variety of abstract artistic elements will be on show at the Albany Town Hall next month at the captivating exhibition Colour in Practice.

Presented in collaboration with Art Collective WA, Colour in Practice showcases the talents of four Perth based mid-career and senior abstract artists and explores their shared fascination with colour, form, minimalism, patterning, and formal structure.

Visitors can enjoy works by Cathy Blanchflower, Jennifer Cochrane, Helen Smith and Michele Theunissen and observe their individual interpretation of these fundamental elements.

City of Albany Visual Arts Officer Indra Geidans said the exhibition explores themes that have long captivated other female Australian abstract artists such as Carol Rudyard and Miriam Stannage.

“Colour in Practice celebrates each artist’s distinctive approach to their work and invites audiences to reflect on their personal research,” she said.

“I encourage all members of the community to embody the curiosity that each of these artists have harnessed to create this fantastic exhibition.”

The exhibition includes Cathy Blanchflower's artworks which explore colour and movement, translating mark-making into a captivating visual language.

Jennifer Cochrane's practice stems from a strong history of object-based art. Her work explores perspective and viewpoint and how these concepts impact upon interpretation and understanding.

Helen Smith’s work is influenced by a formal, minimalist mindset with simplicity of form and geometric abstraction contributing to the outcome, while Michele Theunissen's paintings are driven by the pulses and invisible forces that underpin form.

A free artist talk will be held on Saturday 29 July at 11am at the Albany Town Hall.

Colour in Practice opens at the Albany Town Hall Gallery from Friday 28 July until Saturday 2 September 2023.

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