Community takes centre stage on new advisory group

Published: Monday, 2 December 2019 at 9:56:23 AM

The City of Albany is empowering the community to have a say on how the City engages and communicates by forming a new advisory group to guide and monitor the implementation of the City’s recently adopted Communications and Engagement Strategy.

Representing community on the group is Councillors Tracey Sleeman and Rebecca Stephens, and residents Andrew Storrie, Ken Matts and Stacey Murnane who will work with staff to assist the City to meet its strategic priorities and objectives.

Executive Director Community Services Susan Kay said giving the community a voice through the new advisory group was one way the City was meeting the aims of the strategy.

“The community have been on a journey with us through developing the Communications and Engagement Strategy and clearly told us they want to be more involved in the things we’re doing as a City,” Ms Kay said.

“Having community representation on the advisory group is really important and a way we can involve our community more over the next three years as we navigate the communication and engagement roadmap within the strategy.”

Ms Kay said a key role of the advisory group would be to review and update the action plan that supports the strategy, monitor progress and report back to Council.

“The way local government engages with community is changing, for the better, with more focus on community input into decision making processes,” she said.

“Being proactive by involving community in this important process is part of the City’s focus on continuing to improve what we’re doing and how we do it, so we can continue to get great outcomes for the whole community.

“We would like to congratulate and thank Andrew Storrie, Ken Matts and Stacey Murnane for being appointed to the Advisory Group, and for sharing their expertise to help us drive the strategy forward.”

The group is set to endorse the first quarterly report on the Communications and Engagement action plan this month for Council review early next year.

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