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Logo supports an inclusive community

Published on Thursday, 1 December 2022 at 8:03:30 AM

City of Albany Council has approved the use of a logo that aims to make marginalised groups within the community feel included, welcome and safe in the City of Albany.

The Inclusivity Logo was approved at the November Ordinary Council Meeting and is designed to encourage acceptance, inclusion and diversity within Albany.

Four puzzle pieces of the logo represents those living with a disability, LGBTQIA+, indigenous and culturally diverse groups. The concept came as a result of feedback from young people in these groups that said they do not feel welcome.

Developed in consultation with the Youth Advisory Council who are passionate about making sure young people feel safe in Albany, the logo is intended to be placed on City facilities and at events.

Mayor of Albany Dennis Wellington said the Inclusivity Logo was a brilliant initiative from the City and the Youth Advisory Council.

“If our young people, or any of our community don’t feel welcome, safe or included then we have a problem,” he said.

“Any initiatives aimed at improving the wellbeing and lives of any number of our residents is a fantastic exercise in my book.

“I applaud the Council for seeing the value and importance of this initiative and I appreciate the time and effort our Youth Advisory Council has spent making this logo.”

Youth Advisory Council Chairperson Kore Ford said they were glad the groups hard work has paid off.

“When we realised our friends were feeling marginalised and that they couldn’t go to public places freely, we wanted to do something to help,” Kore said.

“The logo concept was supported by young people and the stakeholder groups that were consulted with throughout the process. After three years of consulting, designing and discussing – we are thrilled that the

Councillors have supported the Inclusivity Logo.

“The positive impact this Council decision will have on many young people in Albany is something that the Councillors will never know. And we thank them for listening to our voices on this and trusting our experiences and guidance on what will make these marginalised groups feel welcome and safe.”

The Inclusivity Logo will begin to appear on City of Albany facilities and events in 2023.

Image: YAC Representative Maddison Murray, Mayor of Albany Dennis Wellington, YAC Chairperson Kore Ford, YAC Representative Joy Alaouze.

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