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Lookout for new Dual Naming signage

Published on Tuesday, 10 May 2022 at 1:25:29 PM

New signage has been installed at a popular lookout at Bayonet Head as part of the City of Albany’s Restoring Menang Noongar Place Names project.

The new panorama displays 12 of the Menang names for locations that can be seen from the lookout.

These locations include:
• Watami/Green Island
• Miaritch/Oyster Harbour
• Kaatboornup/Mount Martin
• Corma/Bald Head
• Kep Mardjit/Vancouver Springs
• Mammang Koort/King George Sound
• Uredale Point
• Irrerup/Mount Adelaide
• Binalup/Middleton Beach
• Corndarup/Mount Clarence
• Burrnup/Bluff Rock
• Kardarup/Mount Melville

There are currently 28 locations across Albany that have been approved for dual naming by Landgate.

Mayor Dennis Wellington said updating the Bayonet Head lookout sign was one way the City was making dual naming more visible in the community.

“Successfully getting 28 locations dual named is a fantastic outcome for the City and community and something we want to proudly promote,” he said.

“Menang-Noongar names are unique to Albany, they remind us of the rich cultural history we have and adopting them widely across the City is an important step in recognising our First Nations people and their long connection to Country.

“Using dual naming on infrastructure like Bayonet Head lookout recognises and educates about our ancient Menang-Noongar culture and promotes the Menang names for these important places.”

Further signage recognising places with dual-names is planned across Albany as part of the Restoring Menang Noongar Place Names project, and the City is currently progressing an application to have more names approved by Landgate.

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