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Mayoral Portraits honour former Albany leaders

Published on Monday, 20 November 2023 at 1:23:33 PM

The City of Albany’s Arts and Culture team have collaborated with local artists on a project that honours the service and dedication of former Mayor Dennis Wellington to the Albany community.

Dennis Wellington, who served as the Mayor of the City of Albany for 12 years and held a total of 21 years on the Council, retired in October of this year.

To commemorate his outstanding service and deep commitment to the arts, local artists were given the opportunity to paint Mayor Wellington's portrait as part of the Mayoral Portraits Exhibition.

Several local artists have submitted artworks to the exhibit across multiple mediums such as painting and sketching with some artists submitting up to five pieces to the exhibition.

Also on display will be five original artworks depicting previous City of Albany Mayors over time and 24 digitally reproduced photographs of earlier Mayors from the City of Albany Art Collection.

Leveraging digital technology, these archival photographs have been meticulously reconfigured to ensure accurate representations, providing a visual journey through Albany's rich history.

Chief Executive Officer Andrew Sharpe said the artistic tribute not only celebrates former Mayor Wellington but also pays homage to the broader history of leadership within the community.

“Dennis Wellington dedicated an inordinate amount of time to the advancement and growth of Albany so we are thrilled to showcase this heartfelt tribute capturing his dedication and legacy,” he said.

“This artistic journey not only celebrates his remarkable leadership but also reflects the rich tapestry of our community's history through the lens of talented local artists.

“This event offers a unique opportunity for the community to reflect on the City's history and acknowledge the contributions of Mayor Dennis Wellington”.

The Mayoral Portraits exhibition is set to captivate audiences from Friday 24 November to Saturday, 9 December.

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