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Roald Dahl stories rediscovered at the Town Hall

Published on Wednesday, 14 September 2022 at 10:24:44 AM

The world of Roald Dahl has been entertaining young minds for decades and this month children across the Great Southern can experience his stories first hand when Roald Dahl and the Imagination Seekers takes centre stage at the Albany Town Hall.

Presented by Get Lost & Found Ltd, Puffin and the Roald Dahl Story Company Ltd with Interactive Theatre International, the show is an immersive and interactive performance that involves games and imaginative play, especially made for ages 6 and up.

The BFG, Matilda, Fantastic Mr Fox and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are just some of the stories at risk of being lost if The Ancient Guild of Taletenders don’t work hard to save them.

Join Terry Tibblestick and his assistant Brenda Bogg as they work to recall all the words of Roald Dahl and his many famous and fabulous stories.

As Terry battles to remember all the words, there is a fear that they have been eaten by the evil Wurblegobblers. Brenda must help Terry to understand the danger the story’s words are in as the Wurblegobblers get closer.

Manager Arts and Culture Paul Nielsen said the City is excited to bring Roald Dahl and the Imagination Seekers to Albany.

“Roald Dahl stories have universal appeal and this will be the first dedicated children’s theatre show the City has held at the Town Hall since re-opening in December 2020,” he said.

“Stories from Roald Dahl have been entertaining families for generations and now the Imagination Seekers are ensuring they stay with us for generations to come.”

Two performances will take place on Saturday, September 17th at 1pm and 4pm. Tickets are $20 or $60 for a family of four from Paperbark Merchants.

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