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Town Hall hosts Olga Cironis

Published on Wednesday, 20 April 2022 at 10:35:25 AM

The City of Albany and Art Collective WA are bringing Hammer and Honey, the thought provoking mixed media works of artist Olga Cironis to the Albany Town Hall this month.

Layered with research, collected stories, muted voices and cultural heritage, the specially curated collection will include sculptures, photography, installation assemblages and acrylic wall works.

Olga’s work is inspired by her Greek, Czech and Australian heritage that navigates each viewer through history and invites them to question their social and environmental connections.

Throughout her career, Olga has encouraged audiences to be part of her story by donating a personal item such as a strand of hair to sharing a story to be reflected in her work.

Her use of recognisable domestic objects adds an element of comfort and familiarity to viewers as they are asked to reflect on their view of socially accepted normality.

City of Albany Visual Arts Officer Indra Geidans said the works of Olga will encourage all audiences to think about their place in society.

“This exhibition really opens viewers’ minds to the ideas of place, society, heritage and the numerous cultures that exist among us,” she said.

“Olga’s use of everyday objects and stories connects with audiences of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs where no two viewers leave with the same experience.”

Hammer and Honey will be free to view at the Albany Town Hall from 28 April to 21 May.

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