Your City, Your Choice: voting packages in transit

Published: Thursday, 26 September 2019 at 2:16:16 PM

Seniors programs, playgrounds, sporting fields, roads and maintaining our region’s natural beauty.

These every day interactions with the facilities and services provided by the City are the focus of a campaign encouraging Albany residents to vote in next month’s local government elections.

With 24 nominations for this year’s Council vacancies, voting is your chance to have a say in who represents the community and leads Albany into the future.

Voting packages are now making their way to post boxes and should begin arriving at the end of this week, giving voters almost three weeks to make their choice and return their ballot before election day on October 19.

The election is conducted by postal vote only, so if an election package has not been received, or a voter made an error on their ballot paper, eligible voters can apply for a replacement election package at the City’s administration building on North Road.

Voting in Council elections is a relatively simple process:

  1. Read the candidate profiles supplied in the package;
  2.  Fill out the voting slip by ticking the box next to the candidate you want to vote for and seal it inside the ballot paper envelope;
  3. Put the ballot paper envelope inside the postage paid envelope – do not remove the declaration flap that you have signed; and
  4. Post back for free or drop it into the Ballot Box at the North Road administration office.

City of Albany Chief Executive Officer Andrew Sharpe encouraged all residents to vote in the elections despite it not being compulsory.

“It’s Your City, so it’s Your Choice, the people you elect are the ones who will make important decisions for you and your community,” Mr Sharpe said.

Votes will be counted in the Civic Rooms at the City’s Council Chamber after the close of poll at 6pm on Saturday, October 19. Candidates and their supporters are welcome to attend.

For a full list of candidates and their profiles, visit the City of Albany website

Please contact the Returning Officer Sally Thomas for more information on 0437 611 459 or email

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