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If you are a business and you submit regular invoices or make regular payments to the City of Albany then we will ask you to register as a creditor or debtor. This will allow us to process payments in the most efficient manner possible. If you have any questions relating to either creditors or debtors please contact our accounts team on [email protected].

Creditors - Submitting Invoices to the City of Albany

If you provide goods or services to the City of Albany on a regular basis we will require you to become a creditor, this will mean that we can make payments directly into your nominated bank account by electronic funds transfer.

Becoming a Creditor

To become a creditor with the City of Albany please download the 'Creditor Update/Application Form' below and return this to [email protected]. If you do not have an ABN then you will also need to complete the statement by supplier form. Please note that if we do not receive your statement by supplier form the ATO requires the City to withhold 47% of any invoice for Tax purposes.

Creditor Update/Application Form

Submitting your Invoice

In order to ensure that you are paid quickly please ensure that you include a purchase order number on your invoice. Invoices submitted by email should be sent to [email protected].

Payment days

The City makes payments to creditors weekly on a Thursday. Please note that when an Invoice is submitted it must be approved by the Officer who raised the purchase order. This may mean that there is sometimes a delay between the invoice being submitted and the invoice being approved for payment.

Debtors - Making payments to the City of Albany

If you purchase goods or services from the City on a regular basis you may be eligible for a credit facility with us.

Applying for a credit facility

To apply for a credit facility with the City of Albany please download the 'Application for Credit Services' Form below and email the completed form to [email protected]. On receipt of your form your application will be processed. If approved you will be issued with a Debtor Code by email.

Application for Credit Service Form

Paying invoices

Invoices can be paid by online at, by Electronic Funds Transfer, by cheque or in person at the North Road administration building.

If you are paying a single invoice by EFT please include your debtor code and invoice number in the 'Payee reference'. If you are paying multiple invoices please include your debtor code in the 'Payee reference' and email remittance of all invoice numbers paid to [email protected].

Failure to include the correct remittance advice and or Debtor code with your payment may result in the City being unable to allocate your payment, this will result in reminder notices being sent.

Payment Terms and Fees

All payments fall due in 30 days.

Payments that have not been made within 35 days are subject to interest, at a rate calculated daily in line with the City's Council adopted fees & charges.

Dishonoured cheques will incur a dishonour fee.

Overdue accounts will result in the cessation of credit facilities.